General Rules

General Rules

BetRegal makes emphasis on common sense and good judgment when addressing all client concerns, questions, claims, and interactions. The following rules have been established as a guide for decision-making for BetRegal and the client.

1. This segment includes information relevant to the conditions and policies for betting on BetRegal. By using our services you acknowledge and adhere to these guidelines. Kindly contact our Client Care department if you have any inquiries or questions regarding policies or conditions for betting. 

2. At BetRegal, we emphasize our courtesy, respect, and professionalism when treating a customer. We additionally require that our customers respond in the same way to our representatives. Any oppressive language or treatment is considered a reason for immediate closure of the BetRegal account and all funds will be refunded to the record holder if they are available to be withdrawn.

3. BetRegal is owned and operated by Regal Group Limited, a Malta-based company that is a fully licensed operator under the regulations of the Government of Curaçao with the Gambling License number 8048/JAZ2010-002. Some countries are prohibited from account creation.  

4. Users of BetRegal are responsible for understanding any obligations by their local or Federal authorities regarding taxation. BetRegal doesn’t report the users’ transactions to any governmental organization and BetRegal doesn’t retain taxes. Each user is responsible for paying any applicable taxes.

5. Gaming laws differ all through the world. Betting might be unlawful in certain locations, and it is the obligation of individuals to guarantee that they comprehend and comply with any laws or guidelines pertinent to themselves in their own Country. All customers of BetRegal must be a minimum 18 of age and will be required to satisfy our KYC requirements. 

6. BetRegal may void any transaction(s) made by an individual under the age of legal responsibility.

7. By registering an account you will be required to provide your complete name, address, date of birth, email address, and phone number. If the information cannot be confirmed as valid, additional documentation may be required and a video conference/chat may be necessary to verify your information. Due to BetRegal’s best efforts to prevent illegal and fraudulent activities, you may be required to provide additional documentation.  

8. BetRegal maintains all authority to ask for documentation from a client to affirm their identity. Customers that create a user with BetRegal consent to give, on request, the following documents if necessary: a government-provided ID and a copy of a utility bill, with the customer’s name and current address. It may be necessary to complete a video chat to satisfy any further compliance. Any current withdrawals may be interrupted if the required documents aren’t provided.

9. All users should have an updated contact telephone number, email address, and actual address in their account details info. In the event of a change of address, please notify BetRegal of the update and provide a service bill to validate the new location. Utilizing invalid contact information may prompt forfeit of any bonuses or winnings.

10. There is a review period for all new accounts. During this period they may not qualify to participate in certain promotions offered by BetRegal.

11. BetRegal requires all funds to be credited before any betting activity. Under no circumstances will credit be extended. Customers should have sufficient funds to accommodate any wager(s) activity. All account transactions and records are registered in the currency of the individual country. 

12. Accounts that may be deemed Professional by our Risk Management team, may not qualify for special offerings or promotions given by BetRegal. In the event of classification as Professional, the customer will be notified. 

13. Accounts that have been suspended by BetRegal must receive approval from Management in order to be reactivated. A formerly prohibited player risks forfeit of funds and/or winnings in the account if he/she has opened or gained access to another account through false or misleading details.

14. BetRegal reserves the authority to change customer betting limits and/or potentially suspend account access to any individual account without earlier notification. BetRegal will make every attempt to notify customers of any action taken that affects player limits. 

15. BetRegal maintains all authority to close a customer’s accounts without earlier warning and/or further clarification. Upon closure, BetRegal will provide notification of account status. 

16. Any customer who is suspected of wagering as part of a betting organization or group could result in having their account closed and seizure of funds. 

17. BetRegal claims all authority to restrict the occasions a customer might take part in a promotion. Multiple users for one owner will be determined on all or any blend of the accompanying: Name, location, email address, IP address, credit or debit card number. Upon finding shared information, multiple forms of verification will be required to claim a bonus or promotion.

18. Each customer needs to keep his/her account logging details secure and prevent the use of it by any third party. Any transaction entered with the account holder’s logging details will be considered a valid transaction. On the off chance that a customer considers an outsider might have his/her logging details, the customer should immediately change his/her password and should also notify BetRegal Client Care department for further investigation.  If a customer shares or loses his/her logging details, BetRegal won’t be expected to take responsibility for any claims in regards to the account.

19. All wagers will be saved onto a file and the document will be kept in a backup storage system. In all instances of debate, both the administration and the player concur that the stored document shall serve as the final authority and all bets will be changed if needed. Cases should be submitted within 48 hours from the time the bet was made.

20. Wagers must be placed through the betting platform provided by BetRegal. Any bet placed through different means, including the utilization of a ‘robot’ player or by control of our frameworks, is completely prohibited. If a robot or a non-supported customer platform is identified, the guilty party risks losing his/her funds, and Management claims all authority to void such bets. It is up to Management’s judgement to close the customer’s account or implement any necessary measures. 

21. BetRegal claims all authority to remove funds that went into an account because of a human error or system malfunction. Extra funds that were not planned to be credited into a client’s account and any winnings derived from the use of those funds will be deducted upon discovery. 

22. BetRegal reserves the right to modify or deny any bet or transaction, in the event that any possible human or computer generated error is found, or in the case of any player action that is perceived as fraudulent by BetRegal. 

23. All games and events will have action as long as the two teams/sides are correct, regardless of the published label for the matchup. A game/match will likewise have action without considering the “Group Heading” or potentially “League Offering” that is related to the matchup. To clarify, if a matchup is mistakenly placed in the League Offering and the two teams from the same league are playing for a Cup at that time, the game/match will still have action as long as the time and team information match.

24. Any PreMatch bet made after an event has started, considering events that have taken place while in-play, will be deemed “past post” and therefore invalid. The equivalent applies for all horse wagers, as they should be entered before post time. All markets intended for in-play betting will be labeled as such on the betting platform.

25. Any bets placed on an erroneous line because of human or technical errors will be deemed as “No Action”. On the off chance that a bet with an incorrect line isn’t voided, BetRegal claims all authority to correct the odds to a reasonable market value which would have been accessible at the time the bet was set. This value change might be applied during or after an event.

26. In the event that a player considers that BetRegal has posted a mistaken line or event, the player shall inform BetRegal to confirm if the line and/or event are right. Upon verification, Management will advise of any settlement decision. 

27. Any bets considered correlated may be voided at BetRegal’s judgement. The instances of correlated bets are, yet not restricted to: any side or run line/puck line of a quarter, half or game to another side of the same game in a Parlay or any type of leverage bet, team total to a team total in the same game, quarter, or half, and Team total to a run line, money line or total in the same game. 

28. Information on game time changes and reports on injuries is not official and may be changed. The user is responsible to find information for any event that isn’t covered or he/she doesn’t comprehend before putting any bets.

29. BetRegal guarantees protection of the client’s privacy and confidentiality. 

30. All transactions are handled through a secure connection with 128-bit encryption.

31. Accounts with 365 or more days of inactivity will be disabled by BetRegal. We will make every attempt to contact the customer for reactivation or settlement of account balances.